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    We have helped hundreds of brands
    - large and small -
    to meet and exceed their expectations.
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    As a complete service digital agency
    we provide co-ordinated, cohesive services
    that meet commercial imperatives.
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Voodoo Ltd 

- a specialist business consultancy maximising digital opportunities

  • Extensive digital capabilities
  • Supported by real-world experience 
  • Directed by business knowledge
  • Against commercial objectives
  • Ongoing interim management

Voodoo implements integrated digital marketing campaigns and on-going operations that deliver to specific business objectives. If you have a need for digital services, but don't have specific business objectives, we help you formulate achievable goals, and then select the appropriate blend of services to achieve them.

Our services include business strategy, marketing strategy and implementation, digital strategy and implementation, systems design and implementation, e-commerce design and implementation, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing, copy writing, social media management, customer relationship management, logistics implementation, and division interim management.