Drawing new customers to your proposition

Voodoo e-marketing experts combine their deep understanding the Google ranking and conversion ratios on affiliate networks with the knowledge that return on investment is essential to creating a long term and growing business.

From High Street to Highlands

You need marketing to make the most of the effort required to build a website and to give yourself the best opportunity of attracting the right customers at the right time. Internet Marketing is about encouraging customers onto your website and getting them to engage with you when they get there. This action could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, calling a number, subscribing to a service downloading some software…the list goes on. 

Engines need fuel, websites need visitors

Experts in driving traffic to your website, tracking activity right the way through to the checkout, to re-engagement and repeat purchase. Our marketing team is able to provide an integrated set of services from SEO, PPC, e-CRM through to customer journey analysis and much more.

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