Practical assistance - when you need it

Voodoo e-marketing experts combine their deep understanding the Google ranking and conversion ratios on affiliate networks with the knowledge that return on investment is essential to creating a long term and growing business.

Use our advice and guidance

Our senior management team have all worked in large organisations and run their own businesses.  We know it's not all plain sailing for any manager in any size of business.   

Voodoo's team of senior consultants have been there and done it for some of the greatest brands on earth from Hamleys to Heals, Yamaha to DHL, from toys to toasters, from packaging to pianos.  

We can guide you in anything from e-commerce platform transfer through to business development and planning. 

Let us help ensure you get just the services and products you really need to succeed, from initial engagement all the way through the build and launch process.

Practical help and understanding

Because we have the experience and know how to, and how not to, implement everything from systems to warehouses, we can ensure you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. We have practical answers and help that isn’t just a report or business plan but can be a practical implementation of strategy – our consultants are used to being in warehouses, stores and server rooms. There is real understanding that a report is great for the board and shareholders, but that practical solutions make the real changes to your business.

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To discuss how Voodoo’s consultancy team can benefit you and your business, call 020 7183 1666 or email info@voodoo.co.uk