IT Support

Hands-on IT support for small-to-medium sized businesses

Whether you’re a start-up or a growing business, there is always the problem of IT in small to medium businesses. We have learnt that our clients often need more than website and digital support, they need support for all their other digital need from email addresses to shared working and hardware support.   We have an exclusive partnership with Hertscom. 

Understanding all types of businesses and their IT needs has meant that our partnership has produced happy clients and produced a complete business service which also includes a seamless interaction between agencies, that you can be as involved in as you wish or just leave it us to solve for you.

Start saving time and money with our integrated solution

As a partner agency we bring efficiencies and cost savings which other providers and agencies are just not able to offer. There are no account fees between the two agencies and we don’t require lengthy meetings to understand the other’s needs, in fact we are now so integrated that Hertscom support teams can issue a support ticket directly to our developer team with no additional fees.

So for a complete service from emails to servers as well as a website and e-commerce support,  get in touch with either Hertscom or a member of the Voodoo team.

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To discuss how our IT Support services can benefit you and your business, call 020 7183 1666 or email