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Theatre network uses Voodoo to review performance

SOLTRepresenting theatre owners, producers and managers of the major theatres in the capital, the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) is a trade body with a vital role in the management and wellbeing of the theatre sector.  From providing legal advice to the promotion of theatre-going, the Society has been in operation since 1908, when it was set up by actor Sir Charles Wyndham.

Making sense of seats

Every year the society has to produce a series of tables and graphs for its Annual Box Office Data Report.  Given the size and nature of the London theatre scene this is an extremeley complicated and time-consuming process, with over 80 graphs and tables to be presented.  The accuracy of the graphs and tables requires a thorough checking, error detection and standarisation process using the Crystal Report suite.  SOLT asked Voodoo if the process could be simplified using digital technology.

We began by designing a secure database, which we host, thereby keeping all the data in one place.  The data is entered by SOLT themselves, then Voodoo run off a set of graphs and tables and return them to the Society for feedback.  There will inevitably be questions, and this is where Voodoo's digital expertise plays a leading role.  With the sheer amount of data to trawl through, our instinctive understanding of data handling gives us a head-start in correcting issues.  These can be anything from an erroneous entry to complex database queries.

SOLT have used Voodoo since 2005 to make sense of their statistics and return valuable, usable tables and graphs.  The Box Office Data Report is highly regarded by the members of the Society, who rely on its provably accurate data to make business decisions and to make valid publicity statements that promote the theatre industry.

The analytical skills demonstrated and performed by Voodoo ensure us an accurate and useable report year on year.  They excel at finding needles in digital haystacks.  Without them the process of compiling our annual reports would be much more time consuming, perhaps even impossible.

Paul James - Commercial Manager, Society of London Theatre
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