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Use our experience to guide your journey into the next phase of retail

Total store numbers in the UK will fall by 22%,
from 281,930 in 2013 to 220,000 in 2018

- Centre for Retail Research

We all know that retail is changing, and changing fast.  Already in the UK over 20% of non-food sales have moved from in-store to online and this is set to rise to over 32% by 2018.  This has put a strain on traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers that find it too expensive and complex to build, market and operate an integrated online presence.

It's a change, it is a threat, and at the same time - it's an opportunity.

How will you handle it?

To survive and thrive into the next phase, retailers will integrate online and instore sales; maximising the benefit of their local footfall with entertaining and augmented retailing experiences whilst providing efficient and high quality online sales joined through seamless single-view customer services.

Let us help you plan and implement the future of your business.

Advice and guidance

Our consultants have all worked in large organisations and run their own businesses, from start-up to £30M+ turnover.  We know it's not all plain sailing for any manager at any scale.   

We can optimise your logistics, your product ranging, your use of utilities - it's amazing just how simple it can be to drive direct benefit to your bottom line. 

It's not all arm-waving

We have practical answers and help that isn’t just a report or business plan.  There's a time for planning, and a time for doing.

Rolling up our sleeves and getting hands-on, implementing and demonstrating, we include regular reviews of progress.  Our consultants are used to being in warehouses, stores and server rooms.

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Start with a FREE two-hour consultation with one of our top consultants, and then we can agree how best to proceed.  To discuss how Voodoo’s consultancy team can benefit you and your business, call 020 7183 1666 or email